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Welcome to Hammer & Cross, an on-line educational portal about the Vikings and Saxons.

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The portal is designed primarily for schools, teachers, and Primary / Key Stage 2 children. it is also a good resource for anyone who is learning or teaching about the history and way of life of the Vikings & Saxons.

Hammer & Cross has been developed to help and encourage anyone learning about the Viking and Saxon period of history in the United Kingdom. To achieve this the portal contains a huge archive of pictures, written information and sound, and by using an interactive quiz based on the archive, if enough questions are answered in the quiz, then  access to Vikings and Saxon games can be achieved.

It is a continually evolving project with new images, information and functionality being added regularly.
To help us maintain and develop Hammer & Cross we ask you to become a member and pay a small membership fee, which when compared to DVD/CD based software is exceptionally reasonable (see Membership Fees for more details)

The Portal is still currently undergoing test and development and is not scheduled to be officially launched until October 2008. You are welcome to  register as a  Beta Test Member, there is no charge for schools who become Beta test members until the site becomes active in October.If you wish to be notified when the portal becomes fully active please send and email to info@hammerandcross.com  Thank you
Hammer & Cross contains a massive collection of Viking and Saxon photographs and related information, music, sound and video clips, games and classroom educational information. All of which can be used online or downloaded for you to use in any school or educational related work or project. (see Terms & Conditions)
Hammer & Cross has been created and developed by 
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